Team Astromega was formed in 1995 by Mikke Van Hool and his father Marcel. After a first year as a driver in 1994 in the higly competitive racing series of the FIA International F3000 Championship which is the stepping stone to Formula One, it was decided that the best way forward was for Mikke to drive in his own team during the ’95 season.

Team Astromega is currently owned by Werner Gillis and Mikke Van Hool. Werner became an equal partner since the beginning of the new millenium 2000 and has a background in mechanical engineering and financial engineering. Werner brings to the team not only his passion for all types of cars and bikes but also a great deal of business sense.
mikke vanhool team astromega Mikke VAN HOOL
Chief Sporting Manager
After a difficult first year in International F3000 (after having been successful in Karting, F.Ford and British F3 between ’85 and ’94) Mikke created Team Astromega in order to participate in International F3000 with his own team.
werner gillis team astromega Werner GILLIS
CEO - Chief Executive Manager
Werner Gillis become team owner at a time when the going was getting quite tough for Astromega. Werner brings to the team his management skills as well as his passion for cars and technique.
jan de maeyer team astromega Jan DE MAEYER
Engineering advisor
Jan was largely responsable for the championship winning F.Renault campaigns in '06 and '07. At the same time he was able to enhance his engineering skills as data engineer in the A1GP series. In '08 Jan was Chief track engineer on the GT3-program.
rob smedley team astromega Rob SMEDLEY
Rob was Fernando Alonso’s track engineer and is now track engineer for Felipe Massa at Ferrari.
roly vincini team astromega Roly VINCINI
He was largely responsable for Mikke’s best year in racing in the ’92 British F3 championship with his own team P1 Motorsport. Roly was track engineer for Marc Goossens in ’96 taking 2 wins and effectively putting Team Astromega on the map.
chris murphy team astromega Chris MURPHY
In his 5 years as chief engineer Chris is perhaps the most influential engineer the team has had having been responsible for setting up some advanced set up programs still very much in use today.
engineers team astromega Other respected engineers

Thierry Bouvet, Andy Miller, Alex Zoechling, Michel Leconte, Andy Burston, Steffen Kosuch and Tim Wright.
Webmaster and big support in all passion for the team
arne simons team astromega Arne SIMONS
Team Photographer & Webmaster
Arne joined the team in 2002 as photographer and webmaster.

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